Huttu-Ukko is watching you


He’s the protector of Pyhä fjeld and he’s thousand years old. He’s gentle and kind to those who treat nature with respect and humility, but will punish those who abuse it.

We were given a few little tales about Huttu-Ukko from which we had to make a general illustration. I immediately got the idea for Huttu-Ukko to be kind of ogrish, mysterious and maybe a little sad guardian of the Pyhä fjeld. He would be watching the Pyhä -area from his snowglobe somewhere in the darkness.

I saw a youtube video of somebody doing a deadpool character in zBrush. I was amazed how easy and fun it seemed.  With zBrush you can do all kinds of amazing things. I got immediately inspired to try this program. I have been reluctant to try any 3D softwares, because I have felt they are hard to learn and require lots and lots of time to accomplish even the smallest thing. zBrush seemed different.

I watched a couple of tutorial videos and started sculpting. It IS easy and fun to sculpt. Although I didn’t have the skills to do proper beard or hair nor did I have any idea how to texturize or colourize the model and I didn’t get the best rendering result, I’m happy with my first real sculpt. Snow globe, colors and other postwork I did in Photoshop.

And purely by chance, today one of our teachers asked if somebody wanted to participate in a 3D -modelling club they have with a few older graphic design students. They are using Maya with additional textures and plugins for hair etc. Hell yes! I may dig deeper into this 3D…

I’ll probably post a lot more of my work from school now that second period is almost over. Now — off to work!

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