Deeper into 3D and Maya

Living room 3D Maya

Living room - render time 46 minutes with mental ray in maya

Phew! My first attempt at high quality render.

This was really fun to do. I followed this tutorial for modeling the rug, table and part of the chair. Lamp, the room and the painting on the wall (the picture is my friend’s Pablo’s awesome collage) and the shape of the chair are my own. Lighting and rendering I learned from tutorials, which I totally recommend.

This is nowhere near perfect yet. Issues I have with it:

  1. Chair is too glossy. Looks like plastic.
  2. Rug and the table are too edgy.
  3. Painting needs a glass over it.
  4. Lamp shade is too grainy and doesn’t look very real.
  5. The wall is too spotty.
  6. The lighting is too strong.

Other than that, I am actually quite pleased how it turned out.

Learning 3D with Maya

Tribute to Pablo

My first real render with Maya following this tutorial. I got inspiration to customize it from Pablo‘s work, who is an amazing art graphic artist and my good friend.

I like how there’s a slight shadow in the corner of the back wall and how there’s a very subtle shadow casting backwards on the base of the temple.

I do not understand how lightning works yet.


Holy crap this model was frustrating to do. Note to self: do not ever touch booleans and don’t except bevel to work. I made this following this tutorial.

Open for interpretation

Done with this tutorial.

Making of the new Barwars site. I love!

The long and dark winter is over. Spring is here and I have a lot more energy.

Last weekend (and monday) I had a project. Me and my friends have this annual event, which needs an online signup, so I volunteered to make a website.

Last year the site looked like this. It was the first website I made since.. well, 2004, so it looks very dull and simple. I’ve improved a lot, as I’ve made these: Miika’s lifestyle blog, a recipe site(which was never completed),a fun little experimental site and this blog. This blog was by far the hardest to do, because I had to create a wordpress theme from scratch, but with every project I’ve learned something new. With this project I learned a bit of HTML5 and using 960px grid system framework.

Here's the sketch from photoshop.

The new barwars site took me about 3 days. 1+½ days to think of the design, and 1+½ days to code. I wanted to use HTML5 and I really really liked to work with 960 gs. It made things so easy. I think I’m going to use some kind of grid system on all of my website project from now on. For those who wonder what 960 gs is, it’s a grid system where the site is divided in 12 (or 16 )  columns and with it you can easily align every element nicely with each other. And it’s easy to use. Div class container_12 to make a new row, div class grid_n to make an element with n column’s width, div class push_n or pull_n to move the element between the columns and div clear to end the row.  And that’s it, every element in page are nicely aligned with each other.

With the design, I wanted to convoy the idea of beer + metro + helsinki. I went with pretty obvious solutions. The background is beer. There’s helsinki city silhouette and there’s a metro. For those who don’t see any metro, you are probably using firefox, internet explorer or opera. CSS animations don’t work in any other browser than chrome and safari unfortunately. I didn’t take this project that seriously that I would have wanted to hazzle with javascript so I didn’t make it work in FF or IE. The animations are kinda goofy, but so is the event.

I could improve the typography on the site, and I should put final touches to the overall design and code, but for now, it is good. Any criticism is welcome!

Looking forward to the actual event!

Found some photos from last autumn

I found some photos I took last autumn here in Rovaniemi. I had totally forgotten about them, until today, when I went through my photos from last year.
Some of them were pretty neat!

Incoming storm

Incoming storm, but the sun was still shining. This is the view from my back yard!

Sunny storm

That last picture was a part of this huge panorama. Click to view full.

Blue moment

Magical blue moment, sininen hetki. Right after the sunset.


Would you believe this was taken in Rovaniemi?

ducks dive

There's a lake (or pond, it's so small) next to my apartment and it's full of birds in the summer. Although I only got to shoot ducks.

Fucking nazis

Abandoned building we found in the industrial area. Fortunately this was no longer in use.

PS. Sorry I haven’t updated lately. It’s just we haven’t done anything in school I could post here yet. We’ve had a typography, photography and graphic design technology courses, but we haven’t finished them yet, so I can’t post anything (yet). But I will. Soon!

a poster competition

Rough Draft

final version.

I can’t hear my eyes


I finished my first acrylic piece on a monday morning at 7AM. I must have drowned 7 liters of Coca Cola that night, so I was  high on a sugar rush. I remember my eyes were getting hazy and my legs shaky, so I took a cold shower before attending class that morning.


We just wrapped up our first (real) graphic design course and it was our last schoolday as well for this semester. We decided to make a shared post to wish you all merry christmas and a happy new year. This is the last post for this year. See you next semester!

Our family coat of arms

We had to make a real coat of arms for our families. It had to symbolize the history we wanted to portray. Heraldry has very strict rules and we had to research and obey them. The purpose wasn’t to create the coolest coat of arms but to respect our families history and create a meaningful and traditional coat of arms.

Rober's coat of arms
This is Robert’s coat of arms. Inspired by two families with different backgrounds.

Heikki's coat of arms
Heikki’s great-great-grandpa went to America in the beginning of 20th century to mine gold. He found some, came back to Finland after 10 years and bought an inn from the middle-west of Finland. It has been an important place for our family for decades.

Imaginary posters for Fazer

pop art fazer
This is Rober’s poster inspired by Pop Art and especially Roy Lichtenstein.

Rober's art nouveau
Rober’s second entry. It’s made in Art Nouveau style and gets inspiration from the great Mucha and Jules Chéret.

Heikki's modern cheesecake
This is Heikki’s modern cheesecake inspired poster.

Heikki's Plakatstil
Heikki’s second poster made in simple Plakatstil poster style.

Phew! All done and now we head back home to have a great holiday.

Works from Photoshop class

Just a quick update, I am too busy to babble. Here are some of the works from our Photoshop basics class:

Generic album cover
The mission was to do a generic album cover like this.

Movie poster for The Fly
Movie poster for the movie The Fly. We had to use at least 2 photos and combine them in a plausible way.

It’s a quickly done variant of a Russian sea painter Aivazovsky’s painting Shipwreck. I named it “Spaceshipwreck”.

technology vs nature
And here we had to do self portraits of two contradictory side of yourself and display them as diptych. I’m supposedly a stiff face made of chrome (techology), but enjoy planting saplings like crazy (nature). The other one had to be done with collage technique, and the other one with brushes.

The right one was made in ArtRage. I was inspired to try it out when I saw this painting .
I got a little lazy and didn’t finish it. But here you go.

Huttu-Ukko is watching you


He’s the protector of Pyhä fjeld and he’s thousand years old. He’s gentle and kind to those who treat nature with respect and humility, but will punish those who abuse it.

We were given a few little tales about Huttu-Ukko from which we had to make a general illustration. I immediately got the idea for Huttu-Ukko to be kind of ogrish, mysterious and maybe a little sad guardian of the Pyhä fjeld. He would be watching the Pyhä -area from his snowglobe somewhere in the darkness.

I saw a youtube video of somebody doing a deadpool character in zBrush. I was amazed how easy and fun it seemed.  With zBrush you can do all kinds of amazing things. I got immediately inspired to try this program. I have been reluctant to try any 3D softwares, because I have felt they are hard to learn and require lots and lots of time to accomplish even the smallest thing. zBrush seemed different.

I watched a couple of tutorial videos and started sculpting. It IS easy and fun to sculpt. Although I didn’t have the skills to do proper beard or hair nor did I have any idea how to texturize or colourize the model and I didn’t get the best rendering result, I’m happy with my first real sculpt. Snow globe, colors and other postwork I did in Photoshop.

And purely by chance, today one of our teachers asked if somebody wanted to participate in a 3D -modelling club they have with a few older graphic design students. They are using Maya with additional textures and plugins for hair etc. Hell yes! I may dig deeper into this 3D…

I’ll probably post a lot more of my work from school now that second period is almost over. Now — off to work!

Cold Chillin’

The King of Rollo

“Chilling, killin like a villain the meaning of RAW is ready and willing” rapped Big Daddy Kane back in ’87. I was born a year later in ’88 when NWA told the police to fuck themselves. But anyways I’ve been ready and willing ever since. Matter of fact im so RAW Eddie Murphy seems well-done.

It was my high school art teacher who gave me the idea of graphic design in the first place. She told me its a good crossover between doing art and getting cake. Later a mentor of mine gave me a book called “How to be a Graphic Designer without loosing your soul”. I never read it because books are for smart people, but If I was a smart people I think I would have read it. In the words of the great late poet Ol’ Dirty Basterd: “OOH BABY I LIKE IT RAW”.